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At Azienda Agricola San Pietro each phase of production is followed with attention and care, starting from the cultivation : we respect the production cycle of the plant and prepare the soil with the minimum tillage technique using the products allowed in organic farming, thus allowing it to have and maintain all its components in a balanced way (including its inhabitants, i.e. the pedofauna). We strictly observe the organic farming regulation  for the treatment of the vineyard  and whenever possible we integrate with biodynamic cultivation techniques, to ensure that the product we obtain is a healthy and natural fruit in the vineyard, which maintains its properties in the cellar, and which is good both for the taste and for the health of our customers.

Our goal every day is the research and creation of a system of sustainable agriculture and development. The wholesomeness of the environment that surrounds our company is demonstrated by the presence of beehives scattered here and there on our land: the bee is a very delicate insect that disappears as soon as the environment becomes polluted, and is therefore an excellent bioindicator of environmental health.

This is how our daily commitment to cultivate the land well and take care of our plants takes shape in the products we offer to our customers: a simple, good and healthy wine, which in its taste captures the beauty of its territory, and a extra virgin olive oil as the Tuscan tradition commands, with the unmistakable taste that connoisseurs know how to appreciate.

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