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Azienda Agricola San Pietro, also known as Fattoria Mazzarosa, has been handed down from father to son up to the present day, for at least 7 generations.

The Mazzarosa family is one of the historic families of Lucca, and as was the tradition they owned agricultural properties outside the city.Antonio Mazzarosa(1780-1861) was very active for his beloved Lucca, with numerous public assignments and carrying out important political and commercial reforms; during his life, in addition to his political career, he cultivated many interests (art, history, literature, science, religion and even tourism) of which traces still remain. One of his passions was agriculture: he took care of his property in the Lucca hills (the current Azienda Agricola San Pietro) and brought about many innovations that greatly contributed to the agricultural progress of the municipality of Capannori.

After Antonio, 4 generations of Mazzarosa descendants followed one another in the management of the property, which until the times of sharecropping (1950s-1970s) was a fully-fledged farm, with a stable for milk production, a pigsty, a carpentry , olive groves, vineyards and arable fields. From the generation of Dott. Pietro Mazzarosa (second half of the last century) the company has been limited to the cultivation of vineyards and olive groves, and to the transformation of the grapes into wine in the family cellar, active since the time of the friars (1670, as evidenced by registers of the time) and with the traditional wooden barrels.

With the advent of his son Dott. Antonio Mazzarosa, in the last decade, the cellar has been renovated and the vinification is carried out with modern tools and new technologies and since 2022 it has become organic.

The company owes its name to the church located just below the cellar, dedicated precisely to San Pietro, which can be seen going up from the road and which also gave its name to the town. After years of neglect, following major restoration works, it has once again become the site of Catholic celebrations.

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